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- Bob Marley

Meet Jill Suarez

Jill Suarez is the Founder and Director of Education at Allure Academy. A beauty professional with more than 20 years in cosmetology arts, Jill has owned and grown two salons in the Vail Valley, offering hair and make-up services to long-time and visiting clients. She has been recognized in the Vail Daily’s Best of the Best as one of the Top 3 Hairstylists & Color Specialists in the valley.

Warm and encouraging. Poised and professional. Jill has a gift for making others feel at ease. She is there to teach and guide, sharing her passion and empowering students to explore their own talents. Outside the school and salon, Jill can be found adventuring with her two sons, practicing yoga in the town park, motorcycling through the canyon or making a meal with friends.

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